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If you have no sense of humor, go away now.  And never return.  You have no business being in my life, much less my web site.

Humor is the greatest thing in the world.  If you're not sure of that, consider the fact that people who are religious, self-righteous tight-asses have no sense of humor whatsoever, even though they claim that God created everything.  "Well then," I ask, innocently, "didn't She also create humor?"  And that phrase alone causes apoplexy, which makes me laugh like hell.

Anyway, I'm going to try to collect some humor here as well as provide some of my own with rants.  These will, one hopes, be as interesting and thought-provoking as they are humorous, but time will tell.

Of course, if my opinions aren't yours, or if you're offended by anything you read here...tough shit.

Most of the stuff off at the left has been collected from other sources.  I just don't want to lose track of some of those things and/or think that they're particularly funny.



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