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I recently bought the item shown at the right at Harbor Freight.  Nice and cheap little item for those of us who're getting older and finding the need for a little help when looking at little, tiny things that our wives and daughters bring us to fix.

Anyway, the instructions on the back of the box were well worth the $4.99 I paid for the item.  Beautiful example of someone in China (where the item is made) having taken one English class and being promoted to writing instructions in English.

They're reproduced below in all their glory.  All errors have been left as found.

Manual for Double Lens Head-wearing Type Magnifier

Many thanks for your patronage on our above magnifier.

Such type magnifier is with many features and easy operation as follows.

  1. Light weight (approx. 110g only).  You can get clear solid view in wide sight through the double lens' two square glass.
  2. Sticky-buckle head wearing tape.  It can be easier to adjust per user's head size.
  3. Convenient use: It's no need for the user to take off his glasses and his hands will be free moving.
  4. One-touch design.  The magnifier is with time x1.8 and x2.3.  Just one touch, then you can change the magnifying time.  If glass accessory used, the more time you will get up to x3.7 and x4.8.
  5. Increase the sight for precision inspection user under magnifier.
  6. Multi-use in a wide range.  For professional or ameuter workers, it can be suitable, i.e. precision processing, mold making, picture taking, mold assembly, sculpture, precision inspection, precision drawing and electronic micro components assembly etc.

When the glass is dirty, please clean it by alcohol or neutral washings.  If other cleaning used, the glass will become vague.

Battery: No. 4, 1.5v, 4pcs
Bulbs: 2.2v/0.25a focus bulb
A scan of the instructions:


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