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This is, perhaps, one of the stupidest guys on Earth.

This picture is real and has not been doctored in anyway.  A witness to this saw the scene and ran out to get a disposable camera to take this shot.

As you may note, the car is still running.

This guy loaded up at the Home Depot (their manager made the driver sign a waiver) with what looks like a shitload of plywood, 4x4s, and 2x4s.  And then tied it all to the top of his car (maybe a Volkswagen?) with twine.  Also, there were 10 bags of concrete (80 pounds each) in the backseat.

When the police arrived, the owner was behind the load trying to cut the twine.  They stopped him.  Why they stopped him I'm not entirely sure.  Police estimated the load at over 3,000 pounds which, I'm guessing, is probably more than the car weighed.

Both back tires exploded, the wheels bent, and the shock towers were driven into the car's interior.




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