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A Great PyreneesIf you don't already know, Great Pyrenees are some of the coolest dogs around, particularly for a large dog.

They're gentle, well-tempered, well-behaved (when they feel the need), and great companions.  Some use them as guard dogs for their livestock (they evidently can fight wolves and bears -- and win), but ours are just family dogs who hang around and bark at what they perceive to be a threat.  This "threat" can range from a fox around our acreage, someone riding a horse on the road 80 feet from their fenced back yard, or stray ions.  Then again, there are other times that the UPS guy gets all the way to the front door without either of them waking from their spots on the kitchen floor.

We've got two Great Pyrs, meaning that we have over 200 pounds of dog in and around our house.

Zaldi is the older of the two, a female born in July of 1999.  She's been a part of our family since she was about three months old.  If you're curious, Zaldi means "horse" in Basque.  The logic of choosing that name went something like this: In the Pyrenees mountains a language they speak is Basque, so we looked up a bunch of Basque words, and we decided "horse" would be a good name since she was gonna be as big as one.

Wolfgang is our male.  We believe he was born around the beginning of 2000.  We got him from a rescue in Autumn 2002.  We really have no idea about what his original name was, even.  He responds to just about anything as he's a real people oriented person and will do almost anything to be near people.  In fact, it seems that the prior owner took him to the rescue because he busted out of a screened window one day to go play with the neighbors.  The lady at the rescue called him Wolfen or something; we tried to find a Basque name for him that meant "shadow" (he follows us everywhere) or "escape artist" but we'd already been calling him Wolfgang and the words just didn't sound all that cool.




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