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Here are some pictures of our Great Pyrenees dogs.  They're great dogs, although they're not really great in photos.  You can't tell how gentle they are or how even-tempered.

Zaldi seems to be quite photo shy, actually.  Wolfgang is sure that the camera is food and wants to move closer.  Our daughter has taken a remarkable picture of his nostrils, not clicking the button quite fast enough.

Click on any of the pictures below for larger versions.

Zaldi (background), Syd, and Wolfgang relaxing in the bedroom.  If there's attention to be given....

I also call Wolfgang "Anvil Head," for reasons which should be obvious in this picture.  He could balance a pitcher on his head if he'd sit still for it.

Wolfgang (left) and Zaldi intently concentrating on something, probably involving food.  Wait...I can assure you that it involves food with that amount of attention.

Zaldi lounging against the couch.  Probably one of her favorite poses, although she looks particularly annoyed here because I wanted to take her picture.

I don't think she likes having her picture taken.

Wolfgang, licking his chops.

When we got him, we thought his driving force in life was people and being near them.  We've come to realize that it's actually that it's only people because they have opposable thumbs and provide food.  That's Wolfgang.  He's kinda simple and straight-forward that way.

Another picture of Wolfgang, trying to fit on his bed, who seems to be far more tolerant of the camera than Zaldi ever has been.

Then again, he's a lot more open to humiliation over the possibility of getting a treat or some praise, even allowing himself to be taught "roll over," which he'll now do at the drop of a hat.

When he does it, Zaldi usually looks on with disgust.

Here I am with Zaldi (left) and Wolfgang (right) immediately after a grooming and immediately before they probably went outside and wrestled and got dirty and matted and wet and...well, you get the idea.


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