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Below are some links to other great humor sites.  Some may not be to your taste.  Tough.


Language Humor

Foreign Swearing How to swear in a variety of other languages.  An invaluable reference for travelers.


Miscellaneous Humor

Bert Is Evil Photographic evidence that Bert (of Bert and Ernie) is truly evil.
Comedy On Tap General comedy page.
Funny Times This is a magazine that comes out every month.  Well worth the subscription price.  Their on-line presence is pretty good, too.
HolyLemon Funny videos, animations, and pictures.
IllWillPress   Great video animations about a ranting, well, creature of some sort.
I Love Bacon    Don't laugh.  At least not yet.  A great site that has a lot of bizarre pictures.
Mr. Beaver I know what it sounds like.  It's not.  But be sure to never try to go to the .com version of this site.  It's very different from the .net version and will probably raise some bright red flags around the office.
News of the Weird If you get as much amusement out of weird news and news of people doing stupid things, this site is for you.
Oddly Enough Reuters' news feed or weird and odd news, concentrating on people being stupid.
The Onion America's Finest News Source
SatireWire    All the "news" that's fit to print.
Strange News AP's news feed of the bizarre and stupid.
T-Shirt Hell These shirts are actually available for purchase, I guess.  Some of them are rude, some are disgusting, some are...well...some defy description.  Not for the faint of heart.


Political Humor

Bush Or Chimp    An interesting project comparing George W. Bush to a chimp.  The similarities are...well...interesting.
DubyaSpeak.com "Border relations between Canada and Mexico have never been better. "
     - George W. Bush
GWBush.com    Satire about the current white house occupant and a site that has sufficiently inspired the wrath of "Dubya" so much that he sued the owners of the site.  I guess he doesn't have enough to do.
WhiteHouse.org This site is fantastic.  Particularly the posters.




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