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Note: The ones without e-mail addresses I tried to guess at and the e-mails got bounced.  I guess the representatives are either too ignorant to have e-mail or too cowardly to make their e-mail address available.

All of Colorado's House Representatives:

Name District County Party E-Mail
Balmer, David G 39 Arapahoe R david.balmer.house@state.co.us
Benefield, Debbie 29 Jefferson D debbie.benefield.house@state.co.us
Berens, Bill 33 Adams R bill.berens.house@state.co.us
Borodkin, Alice 9 Arapahoe D alice.borodkin.house@state.co.us
Boyd, Betty 26 Jefferson D betty.boyd.house@state.co.us
Brophy, Greg 63 Adams R greg@gregbrophy.net
Buescher, Bernie 55 Mesa D bernie.buescher.house@state.co.us
Butcher, Dorothy B 46 Pueblo D dorothy.butcher.house@state.co.us
Cadman, Bill 15 El Paso R bill.cadman.house@state.co.us
Carroll, Morgan 36 Arapahoe D morgan.carroll.house@state.co.us
Carroll, Terrance 7 Denver D terrance.carroll.house@state.co.us
Cerbo, Mike 2 Denver D michael.cerbo.house@state.co.us
Clapp, Lauri 37 Arapahoe R lauriclapp@qwest.net
Cloer, Mark 17 El Paso R Cloer17@msn.com
Coleman, Fran 1 Arapahoe D fran.coleman.house@state.co.us
Crane, Bill 27 Jefferson R bill@billcrane.org
Curry, Kathleen 61 Eagle D kathleencurry@montrose.net
Decker, Richard D 19 El Paso R richard.decker.house@state.co.us
Frangas, K.Jerry 4 Denver D kjerry.frangas.house@state.co.us
Gallegos, Rafael Lorenzo 62 Alamosa D rafael.gallegos.house@state.co.us
Garcia, Michael 42 Arapahoe D michael@michaelgarcia.info
Green, Gwyn 23 Jefferson D gwyn.green.house@state.co.us
Hall, Dale 48 Weld R dale.hall.house@state.co.us
Harvey, Ted 43 Douglas R ted.harvey.house@state.co.us
Hefley, Lynn Christian 20 El Paso R  
Hodge, Mary 30 Adams D mary.hodge.house@state.co.us
Hoppe, Diane 65 Logan R diane.hoppe.house@state.co.us
Jahn, Cheri 24 Jefferson D cheri.jahn.house@state.co.us
Judd, Joel 5 Denver D joel.judd.house@state.co.us
Kerr, James E "Jim" 28 Jefferson R james.kerr.house@state.co.us
King, Keith 21 El Paso R keith@keithking.org
Knoedler, Matt 22 Jefferson R matt.knoedler.house@state.co.us
Larson, Mark 59 Archuleta R marklarson@gobrainstorm.net
Lindstrom, Gary M 56 Eagle D gary.lindstrom.house@state.co.us
Liston, Larry G 16 El Paso R larry.liston.house@state.co.us
Lundberg, Kevin 49 Larimer R kevin@kevinlundberg.com
Madden, Alice 10 Boulder D alice.madden.house@state.co.us
Marshall, Rosemary 8 Denver D rosemary.marshall.house@state.co.us
Massey, Tom 60 Chaffee R tom.massey.house@state.co.us
May, Mike 44 Douglas R mike.may.house@state.co.us
McCluskey, Bob 52 Larimer R bob.mccluskey.house@state.co.us
McFadyen, Liane "Buffie" 47 Fremont D McFadyen2002@hotmail.com
McGihon, Anne L. 3 Arapahoe D anne.mcgihon.house@state.co.us
McKinley, Wes 64 Baca D wes.mckinley.house@state.co.us
Merrifield, Michael 18 El Paso D michael.merrifield.house@state.co.us
Paccione, Angela V 53 Larimer D angie.paccione.house@state.co.us
Penry, Joshua 54 Delta R joshua.penry.house@state.co.us
Plant, Tom 13 Boulder D tom.plant.house@state.co.us
Pommer, Jack 11 Boulder D jack.pommer.house@state.co.us
Ragsdale, Ann F 35 Adams D ann.ragsdale.house@state.co.us
Riesberg, Jim 50 Weld D jim.riesberg.house@state.co.us
Romanoff, Andrew 6 Arapahoe D romanoff@coloradohouse.org
Rose, Ray 58 Delta R ray.rose.house@state.co.us
Schultheis, David 14 El Paso R dave.schultheis.house@state.co.us
Solano, Judy 31 Adams D judy.solano.house@state.co.us
Soper, John F 34 D john.soper.house@state.co.us
Stafford, Debbie 40 Arapahoe R debbie.stafford.house@state.co.us
Stengel, Joe 38 Arapahoe R joe.stengel.house@state.co.us
Sullivan, James R "Jim" 45 Douglas R jim.sullivan.house@state.co.us
Todd, Nancy 41 Arapahoe D nancy.todd.house@state.co.us
Vigil, Valentin J 32 Adams D val.vigil.house@state.co.us
Weissmann, Paul 12 Boulder D reppaul@aol.com
Welker, Jim 51 Larimer R jim.welker.house@state.co.us
White, Al 57 Garfield R al.white.house@state.co.us
Witwer, John 25 Jefferson R john.witwer.house@state.co.us


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