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Despite the Colorado Department of Transportation saying that the Front Range Toll Road would not be viable, Ray Wells insists that it is and will be used by truckers.

Let's consider....

  I-25 Front Range
Toll Road
Distance from Wellington to Colorado City: 207 210
Average Speed1: 70 90
Time (Minutes)" 177 140
Savings:   37
Toll Rate Per mile1 $0.00 $0.35
Toll Cost Calculation: $0.00 $73.50
Cost/Hour of Trucking1: $100.00 $100.00
Cost/Minute of Trucking1: $1.67 $1.67
Savings (cost/minute * minutes saved):   $61.67
Cost of the Trip2: $295.59 $307.30

Additionally, with the increased speed, fuel efficiency drops by about 12% or more depending on the load, acceleration, etc..  So, if we assume an average MPG of around 5 MPG for going 65-70 and 4 MPG for going 85-90:

  I-25 Front Range
Toll Road
Miles: 207 210
Fuel Used (Gallons): 41.4 52.5
Cost/Gallon: $2.00 $2.00
Cost/Trip: $82.80 $105.00


  I-25 Front Range
Toll Road
GRAND TOTAL $378.39 $412.30 

So, as you can see, the advantage for a trucker to take the toll road is ZILCH. ZERO. BUPKISS.

Stop lying to us, Mr. Wells.

Also, please note that I'm assuming that the average fuel rates along the toll road will be the same as on I-25 and that Ray Wells' friends that he'll let build gas stations won't be robbing the truckers as a captive audience and at the expense of the people's land he intends to steal.  And I'm being generous with my cost of gas as it's currently $2.10 or more at my local gas station.


  1. Source: www.TollRoadsNews.com, a toll-road advocacy group who also believes that this toll road is not viable
  2. Minutes * Minute Rate + Toll Cost, before fuel costs


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