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A while back a friend of mine and I were wishing that there were a store called, "For Dumb Men" that would have knowledgeable people with gift ideas for husbands/significant others who have absolutely no idea what to get their wives/girlfriends/mistresses, etc.

Think about it:

  • There's always a demand for such a thing, not only at Christmas, Birthdays, and Holidays.  There are those times when you really screw up and have to apologize.
  • Most of us haven't a clue as to what to get our significant others, and we've overused what limited ideas we do have so much that we're boring even ourselves.
  • Women would love it so that they don't get yet another spice rack, bath gel, etc.

Anyway, here's my first blush at getting such a gift guide put together.  Unfortunately, the ideas have come entirely from other male friends of mine, so you're running a risk that, by using this, you're gonna get her something that she absolutely hates.  If I were smart, I'd ask my wife what she'd like.

Go on to the Questionnaire and fill out some information about your significant other.



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