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Births, Deaths, and Events for 24 August

About This Day

     This is day 236 of the year 2019.
     There are 129 days left to 2019.

Thought For The Day

     "Better the shoulder to the wheel than the back to the wall."



1113   Geoffrey Plantagenet - France, conquered Normandy
1591   Robert Herrick - England, poet (Gather ye rosebuds) (baptized)
1759   Wilbur Wilberforce - England, crusaded against slavery
1816   Sir Daniel Gooch - laid 1st successful transatlantic cables
1872   Sir Max Beerbohm - England, caricaturist/writer/wit (Saturday Review)
1886   William Francis Gibbs - naval architect, designed Liberty ships
1898   Albert Claude - Belgium, physician (Nobel 1974)
1899   Jorge Luis Borges - Argentina, writer of fiction, essays (Labyrinths)
1924   Louis Teicher - pianist (Ferrante & Teicher-Exodus)
1927   William V. Shannon - journalist/ambassador to Ireland (1977-81)
1929   Yasser Arafat, style guru
1934   Kenny Baker - Birmingham, England, actor (R2/D2 in Star Wars flicks)
1938   Mason Williams - Abilene, TX, writer (Smother Brothers Hour)
1944   Gregory B. Jarvis - Detroit Mich, astronaut (STS 25)
1946   Richard "Dick" N Richards - Key West, FL, USN/astr (STS-28, 41, sk:50)
1949   Anna L. Fisher - St. Albans, NY, MD/astronaut (STS 51-A)
1957   Laura Pyper - Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, wonderful wife
1958   Steve Guttenberg - Brooklyn, NY, actor (Police Academy, Short Circuit)
1961   Cal Ripken, Jr. - all-star shortstop (Baltimore Orioles)
1962   Mary E Weber - Cleveland, OH, PhD/astronaut
1963   John Bush - heavy metal rocker (Armoured Saint-Can U Deliver)
1965   Marlee Matlin - Morton Grove, IL, deaf actress (Children of Lesser God, The West Wing)
1973   Dave Chappelle - Washington, D.C., comedian/actor (Blue Streak, You've Got Mail)
1988   Rupert Grint - Hertfordshire, UK, actor (Ron Weasley in the Harry Potter series)



1967   Amanda Randolph - actress (Danny Thomas, Amos 'n' Andy), dies at 65
1988   Max Shulman - author (Dobie Gillis, Tender Trap), dies at 69
1991   Bernard Castro - patented convertible couch, dies at 87
1998   E.G. Marshall - actor - "The Defenders", "Nixon", "Absolute Power", dies at 88
2004   Elisabeth Kubler-Ross - psychiatrist (On Death And Dying) dies at 78



   Knife Day
410   Rome overrun by Visigoths, symbolized fall of Western Roman Empire
1572   King Charles IX orders massacre of thousands of French Protestants
1662   Act of Uniformity requires English to accept book of Common Prayer
1751   Thomas Colley executed in England for drowning supposed witch
1814   British sack Washington, DC, White House burned
1853   1st potato chips prepared by Chef George Crum (Saratoga Springs, NY)
1854   National emigration convention meets in Cleveland
1869   Waffle iron invented
1891   Thomas Edison patents motion picture camera
1909   Workers start pouring concrete for Panama Canal
1912   Territory of Alaska organized
1912   US passes Anti-gag law, federal employees right to petition the govt
1912   NYC ticker tape parade for Jim Thorpe & victorious US olympians
1932   1st transcontinental non-stop flight by a woman, Amelia Earhart
1936   Australian Antarctic Territory created
1939   Germany & USSR sign 10-year non-aggression pact
1949   North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) established
1950   Operation Magic Carpet-45,000 Yemenite Jews move to Israel
1950   1st US Negro delegate to UN appointed-ES Sampson
1954   International Amateur Athletic Federation recognizes Red China
1954   Communist Control Act passed, at height of McCarthyism
1956   1st non-stop transcontinental helicopter flight arrives in Washington, DC
1960   60 people die when bus plunges off bridge into Turvo River, Brazil
1961   Former nazi leader Johannes Vorster becomes South Africa's minister of justice (if the shoe fits...)
1966   USSR launches Luna 11 for orbit around Moon
1967   Liberian flag designed
1968   France became world's 5th thermonuclear power
1970   Bomb kills 1 at University of Wisconsin's Army Math Research Center in Madison
1976   Soyuz 21 returns to Earth
1979   UN's Vienna office begins issuing postage stamps
1981   Mark David Chapman is sentenced to 20 yrs to life for Lennon's murder
1985   STS 51-I mission scrubbed at T -5m because of bad weather
1987   Announcement of possible Martian tornadoes
1989   Voyager 2 flies past Neptune
1990   Iraqi troops surround US & other embassies in Kuwait City
1991   Gorbachev resigns as head of USSR Communist Party
1991   Ukraine declares independence from the USSR



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