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Births, Deaths, and Events for 17 December

About This Day

     This is day 351 of the year 2018.
     There are 14 days left to 2018.

Thought For The Day

     "When seeking love give nothing, Having found love give all."



1873   Ford Madox Ford - England, novelist/editor (The Inheritors)
1874   William Lyon Mackenzie King - (L), 10th Canadian PM (1921-30, 1935-48)
1894   Arthur Fiedler - Boston, MA, conductor (Boston Pops)
1929   William Safire - political columnist (New York Times)/speech writer (Nixon)
1930   Robert [C J Edward] Guccione - magazine publisher (Penthouse, Omni)
1945   Ernie Hudson - Benton Harbor, MI, actor (Ghostbusters, Weeds)
1952   Mickey Jones - Washington, DC, rock bassist
1953   Barry Livingston - Los Angeles, CA, actor (Ernie-My 3 Sons)
1954   Bill Pullman - actor (Sommersby, League of their Own, Independence Day)
1958   Mike Mills - US pop bassist (REM-One I Love)
1961   Venice Kong - St. Mary, Jamaica, playmate (September 1985)
1970   Benedictine [St Bernard]; becomes heaviest known dog (137 kg)
1974   Giovonni Ribisi - actor (Cory-My 2 Dads, New Leave it To Beaver)
1975   Milla Jovovich - Kiev, Ukraine, actress (Return to Blue Lagoon, Chaplin)
1979   Jaimee Foxworth - actor (Judy Winslow-Family Matters)



1830   Simon Bolivar - President of Colombia, dies at 47 in Colombia
1833   Kaspar Hauser - German son of grand duke Karel of Bathe, murdered at 21
1986   Ron Kass - record company president (MGM), dies at 52 of cancer
1993   Janet Margolin - US actress (Annie Hall), dies at 50 of ovarian cancer



   Underdog Day and National Maple Syrup Day
   Fourth Day of Christmas - Send your true love Four Calling Birds
     The 12 Days of Christmas
1777   George Washington's army returns to Valley Forge, PA
1777   France recognizes independence of English colonies in America
1790   Aztec calendar stone discovered in México City
1798   1st impeachment trial against a US senator (William Blount, Tennessee) begins
1895   Anti-Saloon League of America formed, Washington, D.C.
1900   1st prize of 100,000 francs offered for communications with extraterrestrials. Martians excluded-considered too easy
1900   New Ellis Island Immigration station completed costing $1.5 million
1903   At 10:35 AM, 1st sustained motorized aircraft flight (Orville Wright)
1925   Colonel William "Billy" Mitchell court-martial for insubordination
1936   Ventriloquist Edgar Bergen and dummy Charlie McCarthy, appear on TV
1944   US Army announces end of excluding Japanese-Americans from West Coast; Japanese-Americans are released from detention camps
1953   FCC approves RCA's black & white-compatible color TV specifications
1957   US successfully test-fires Atlas intercontinental ballistic missile
1959   On The Beach is 1st film to premiere on both sides of Iron Curtain
1963   West & East Berlin sign accord about travel rules
1965   Largest newspaper-Sunday New York Times at 946 pages (50¢)
1969   50 million TV viewers see singer Tiny Tim marry Miss Vicky, on Tonight Show
1969   USAF closes Project Blue Book, concluding no evidence of extraterrestrial spaceships behind thousands of UFO sightings
1971   Diamonds are Forever premieres in US
1975   Lynette Fromme is sentenced to life for attempt on President Ford's life
1977   Elvis Costello & The Attractions 1st US TV appearance (Saturday Night Live)
1978   OPEC raises oil prices 18%
1986   US Congress forms "Irangate" committee



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