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Births, Deaths, and Events for 20 January

About This Day

     This is day 20 of the year 2020.
     There are 346 days left to 2020.

Thought For The Day

     "Whatever you have, spend less."



1760   Charles III - king of Spain (1759-88)
1820   Anne Jemima Clough - England, promoted higher education for women
1883   Betram Home Ramsay - English admiral/Commander Allied Naval Forces
1889   Huddie "Leadbelly" Ledbetter - Mooringsport LA, blues 12 string guitarist (Rock Island Line)
1894   Harold L. Gray - creator (Little Orphan Annie)
1910   Joy Adamson - naturalist/author (Born Free)
1920   DeForest Kelley - Atlanta, GA, actor (Dr McCoy-Star Trek)
1920   Federico Fellini - Rimini, Italy, director (8, Satyricon, La Dolce Vita)
1926   Patricia Neal - Packard, KY, actress (Hud, Subject Was Roses)
1928   Peter Donat - Kentville, Nova Scotia, actor (Flamingo Road, Different Story)
1928   Martin Landau - Brooklyn, NY, actor (Mission Impossible, Tucker, Space 1999)
1929   Arte Johnson - Chicago, IL, comedian (Laugh-in, Don't Call Me Charlie)
1930   Edwin E. "Buzz" Aldrin, Jr. - Montclair, NJ, USAF/astronaut (Gemini 12, Apollo 11)
1942   Slim Whitman - yodeler/country singer (Home on the Range)
1946   David Lynch - Missoula, MT, actor/director (Blue Velvet, Dune, Eraserhead, Twin Peaks)
1949   Ivana Trump - former wife of Donald
1952   Paul Stanley - [Eisen], rock guitarist (KISS)
1956   Bill Maher - New York, NY, comedian (Politically Incorrect)
1966   Tia Carrere - Honolulu, HI, actress (Wayne's World, General Hospital)
1970   Skeet Ulrich - Lynchburg, VA, actor (Scream, The Newton Boys)



1862   General Felix Zollicoffer - killed after mistakenly riding into union lines
1900   Richard D. Blackmore - English novelist (Lorna Doone), dies at 74
1936   King George V - of Britain dies at 70, succeeded by Edward VIII
1948   Mahatma Gandhi - India's pacifist, assassinated
1959   Carl Switzer - actor (Alfalfa-Our Gang), shot to death at 31
1962   Robinson Jeffers - poet/playwright (Dear Judas), dies at 75
1984   Peter John [Johnny] Weissmuller - actor (Tarzan, Jungle Jim), dies after a series of strokes in Acapulco at 79
1990   Barbara Stanwyck - [Ruby Stevens], actress (Big Valley), dies at 82
1993   Audrey Hepburn - actress (Breakfast at Tiffany's, Roman Holiday), dies of colon cancer in Tolochenaz, Switzerland at 63
1997   Vladimir Yamnikov - owner (Kristall vodka), dies of cirrhosis at 56
1997   Edith Haisman - the oldest survivor of Titanic, dies at 100



   National Buttercrunch Day
1265   1st English Parliament called into session by Earl of Leicester
1783   Hostilities cease in Revolutionary War
1801   John Marshall appointed US chief justice
1841   China cedes Hong Kong to the British
1887   US Senate approves the naval base lease of Pearl Harbor
1930   1st radio broadcast of "Lone Ranger" (WXYZ-Detroit)
1937   1st Inauguration day on Jan 20th, (held every 4th years thereafter)
1942   Nazi officials hold notorious Wannsee conference in Berlin deciding on "final solution" calling for extermination of Europe's Jews
1945   FDR sworn-in for an unprecedented 4th term as President
1949   J.Edgar Hoover gives Shirley Temple a tear gas fountain pen (how sweet)
1953   Eisenhower inauguration as 35th President; 1st live coast-to-coast inauguration address
1957   Gomulka wins Poland's parliamentary election
1957   Eisenhower inaugurated for 2nd term
1961   John F. Kennedy's inauguration as 36th President; Robert Frost recites "The Gift Outright"
1965   Lyndon B. Johnson inaugurated as the 37th President
1965   JPL proposes modified Apollo flight to fly around Mars & return
1965   Generalissimo Francisco Franco meets with Jewish representatives to discuss legitimizing Jewish communities in Spain
1969   Richard M. Nixon inaugurated as 38th President
1969   University of Arizona reports 1st optical id of pulsar (in Crab Nebula)
1973   Richard M. Nixon inaugurated for 2nd term
1977   Jimmy Carter inaugurated as 39th President
1977   George Bush ends term as 11th director of CIA
1981   Ronald Reagan inaugurated as 40th President
1981   52 Americans held hostage in Iran for 444 days freed
1985   Reagan inaugurated for 2nd term
1986   Chunnel announced (railroad tunnel under English Channel)
1986   1st federal holiday honoring Martin Luther King, Jr.
1987   Anglican Church envoy Terry Waite taken hostage in Beirut, Lebanon
1989   George Herbert Walker Bush inaugurated as 41st President and Quayle becomes 44th Vice President
1989   Reagan becomes 1st President elected in a "0" year, since 1840, to leave office alive
1990   US 64th manned space mission STS 32 (Columbia 10) returns from space
1991   Iraq pardes captured Allied airmen on TV
1991   US Patriot missiles begins shooting down Iraqi missiles
1993   Bill Clinton inaugurated as 42nd President
1997   Comet Hale-Bopp crosses Mars' orbit
1997   Clinton inaugurated for 2nd term
1998   Rock & Roll Hall of Fame inducts Mama & Papas, Eagles
1998   Warner Brothers TV Network begins Tuesday night programming
2001   George W. Bush inaugurated as 43rd president despite losing the popular vote and needing the supreme court to crown him victor
2004   George W. "Shrub" Bush inaugurated to his second (well, first really) term as president



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